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Building Success with Expert Construction Management Services in New York and New Jersey


Built it Better.

With our experienced team of construction professionals and cutting-edge project management tools, 我们能够有效地管理您建设项目的各个方面, 从规划设计到采购、施工监理.

正规赌搏十大手机版下载 is a Construction Management Company operating in the New York/ New Jersey Tristate Area.

Efficient Planning.

我们总是在制定新的方法来提高项目的时间效率. 效率是我们工作成功的衡量标准之一. Planning, paying attention to detail, 管理与不同项目干系人的关系, adhering to strict schedules with critical milestones; these are some of the core competencies in which we excel.

Well-Managed Schedules.

三月将是您的施工管理合作伙伴和代理, managing your project schedule with consistent communication and complete transparency. We assign full-time Superintendents to the project who are in charge of coordinating deliveries, quality control, safety, and maintaining a tight  schedule. 

Strict Budgets.

经过周密的计划和准备, March will save you these headaches and help you reduce your budget with a Value Engineering Analysis. Our team analyzes your project, finds budgetary weaknesses, and proposes cost-saving alternatives that will reduce your overall budget while maintaining maximum build quality. 


We document all our projects with photography and drone videography and update them to our Company News page.



Why Choose March?

You can count on 正规赌搏十大手机版下载 as the best construction management company for your development project.

March的老板兼首席执行官亲自参与了我们的建设项目. We have over 35 years experience building commercial in the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area. 我们团队的经验是首屈一指的. March的核心价值观之一是优先考虑客户的成功 as high as our own. 这也是我们客户留存率高的原因之一.

At 正规赌搏十大手机版下载, we are happy to act as your Owner’s Representative to provide comprehensive consulting and project management services that handle the intricate details of building construction. You can remain in charge of your commercial real estate development projects to reduce costs, 让3月来处理监督和其他需要的细节.

建设是商业地产开发中最复杂的环节. With so many parts to manage, 缺乏经验的施工经理很容易忽略关键细节, costing you time, money, and even quality of work.

我们有能力进行开放式车间或工会建设. 目前,我们积压的80%是开放式GMP合同关系. 我们鼓励并享受公开书籍带来的透明度. Click to read more About Us or Our Team or continue scrolling to read more about our Commercial General Contracting Services.

10 Key Reasons 选择March作为您的施工管理公司:


下面是March提供的建筑相关服务列表. 我们还提供施工咨询, design-build, pre construction, site development, 以及其他项目和施工管理的相关服务. See our main services page, here. 

Questions & Answers


Excellent project management of commercial real estate development is central to everything we do at 正规赌搏十大手机版下载. 我们的项目管理技能是我们所有服务的一部分. Planning, paying attention to detail, 管理与不同项目干系人的关系, adhering to strict schedules with critical milestones; these are some of the core competencies in which we excel. The success of our projects is due in large to the effectiveness of our management teams. 我们已经连续多年被列入ENR的400强承包商之一. 


尽管我们将项目管理集成到这些其他服务产品中, we also provide project management services a-la-carte for clients who need an owner’s representative for support. 我们可以按月、按日或按小时提供这些服务. For example, 你可能需要一个独立的倡导者来监督施工前的工作, construction, 或者项目的施工后阶段.


As your construction manager—the Owner’s Representative—we will be your eyes and ears on the job. We will do everything we can to deliver your construction project on time, within budget. 我们知道我们的声誉取决于你方的满意.

That is why we have been able to earn many client referrals and be invited back by clients to do sole-source work. We provide expert, start-to-finish services for complex, 商业房地产开发项目-具有个人风格和家庭价值.


March specializes in the ground-up construction of various commercial building types: distribution centers, refrigerated warehouses, supermarkets, retail stores/malls, hospitality/hotels, fitness centers, recycling centers, and more. Please view our portfolio to see some of the commercial building projects where we’ve acted as a construction manager.
Check out our portfolio to see completed project highlights. Visit our blog 查看当前正在进行的所有项目. 


在施工经理(CM)角色中,March通常收取固定的管理费. However, 如果你想对冲你的项目风险, we can also serve as a CM-at-risk, sharing financial responsibilities. We are flexible to meet your needs.
作为总承包商,March可以提供 lump-sum, cost-plus-fee, guaranteed-maximum-price (GMP), and GMP with cost-plus-savings—whatever contract serves you best. March is happy to consult and advise; we can do whatever makes the most sense for your business. 
不管我们的合同结构如何, 我们的高级管理层将从头至尾密切参与. We will be your partner and agent, managing your project schedule with constant communication—and complete transparency on costs, bids, and decisions.

Where does March operate?

We have served as a commercial general contractor for real estate development projects throughout New York, New Jersey, and the tristate, 大都会(纽约)地区超过30年. 我们在纽约州和宾夕法尼亚州东部也有工厂. Check it out! March was listed as one of the best Commercial General Contractors in Paterson, New Jersey. See here on General Contractors Magazine. 我们还被列入"基业长青"名单 NJBIZ

Does March have a project minimum?

我们的项目通常至少从2000万美元开始. March places importance on providing quality service and only takes on projects that are substantial and within our resources. If your project is significantly below this number, a smaller contractor may be of better assistance.


我们为从企业到私人投资者的所有人提供服务. 在房地产开发过程中有许多项目需要处理, 除了不可避免的挑战和不可预见的情况. 您可以在我们的专业机构中得到安慰, meticulous attention to detail, and excellent industry relationships. We take nothing for granted, and we know our reputation rests on your satisfaction at the end of your commercial construction project.