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Movie Theaters & Entertainment Centers

Top Movie Theater Construction Company - 35+ Years Building Movie Theaters, Dine-In Theaters, Restaurants, Auditoriums, and Entertainment Centers.

35+ Years Building Movie Theaters and Entertainment Centers

March is your trusted partner for movie theater, dine-in theater, restaurant and auditorium construction.

Buildings designed for hospitality, entertainment, and leisure are incredibly diverse in their forms and functions. Nonetheless, all these structures must prioritize their customer’s experience and foster a positive brand reputation.

At 正规赌搏十大手机版下载, we specialize in the planning, design, and execution of a myriad of hospitality, entertainment, and leisure building projects. We have made a significant impact across the Northeast, specifically within and beyond the Greater New York City region.

For instance, consider the elements of a well-constructed movie theater. Beyond comfort and diverse food options, a paramount consideration is an unobstructed, clear view of the screen. A truly exceptional theater experience mandates a state-of-the-art sound system, supported by high-grade acoustic construction materials and skillful building techniques.

We also factor in infrastructure and ingress/egress requirements. An adequate HVAC system is as vital to a guest’s comfort as their seating. Strategic placement of lighting and emergency exits is key, ensuring compliance with local building codes. Restrooms should not only be conveniently located but also adequately supplied with water, heat, and power, adhering to building regulations, and spacious enough to serve all guests.

At March, we deliver all these aspects and more for your entertainment center project, adhering to the promised timelines and budget. Our approach involves fast-tracking methodologies and value engineering to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our most recent cinema construction project is the Alamo Drafthouse in New York, NY.

At 正规赌搏十大手机版下载 we plan, design, and construct. From Long Island to Pennsylvania, from New Jersey to the Hudson Valley, and within the five boroughs of NYC.

From architectural details to quality of craftsmanship—every element makes a statement and creates a feeling. Choosing the right construction management company is critical. 

Partner with 正规赌搏十大手机版下载 and experience the difference. See all of our services on our Services Page.

Our comprehensive services make us the ideal partner for:

A 30-Year Legacy

正规赌搏十大手机版下载 has earned a reputation for excellence. As one of the top commercial construction companies in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area, we have managed diverse projects totaling over $6 billion. Our team of skilled professionals ensures the highest level of expertise and safety.

Timely Delivery. 🕔

We take pride in completing projects on time and within budget. Our efficient planning, well-managed schedules, and strict adherence to budgets ensure successful outcomes. With 正规赌搏十大手机版下载 as your movie theater or auditorium construction partner, your project will be executed seamlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient construction process.

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