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As 新泽西's Top Commercial General Contractor, you can count on our project team to be experienced, 知识渊博的, 和 easily accessible—with a client-comes-first commitment.

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节省时间. 🕔

With March, we can fast-track your project 和 also have a specialized Pre Construction process. Pre Construction is a thorough plan 和 analysis of your project that occurs before construction. It helps avoid glitches 和 delays. Precon helps especially when managing a tighter schedule 和 budget, keeping your project on track for on-time delivery. 


Commercial real estate development is often complex, time-consuming, 和 costly. With thorough planning 和 preparation, March will save you these headaches 和 help you reduce your budget with a Value Engineering Analysis. Our team analyzes your project, finds budgetary weaknesses, 和 proposes cost-saving alternatives that will reduce your overall budget while maintaining maximum build quality. 

Excellent Communication. 💬

Are you tired of playing phone tag 和 pushing through corporate levels just to reach the person in charge? At March, we take your business seriously 和 won’t give you the cold shoulder when you call. Our CEO Lou March remains intimately involved with each project. We are family-owned 和 operated; assistance is just a phone call away. 


Watch Our Projects Rise from Start-To-Finish!

We document all our projects with photography 和 drone videography 和 update them to our Company 网赌十大正规手机版下载 page.

看看 我们的博客 to see commercial building projects near you!

Why Choose March?

You can count on 正规赌搏十大手机版下载 as the best commercial general contractor your development project.

The owner 和 CEO of March has h和s-on involvement in our construction projects. We have over 35 years experience building commercial in the 新泽西 和 New York Metropolitan area. Our team’s experience is second-to-none. One of March’s core values is prioritizing our client’s success as high as our own. This is one of the reasons for our high retention of clients.

We have the ability to perform either open shop or union construction. Currently, 80% of our backlog is open-book GMP contractual relationships. We encourage 和 enjoy the transparency that comes along with open book. Click to read more 正规赌搏十大手机版下载我们 or 我们的团队 or continue scrolling to read more about our Commercial General Contracting 服务.

10个主要原因 to choose March as your general contractor:

What kinds of services does March provide as a Commercial General Contractor?

See below for a list of construction-related services March provides. We also provide construction consulting, 设计、, pre construction, site development, 和 other project 和 construction management related services. See our main services page, 在这里. 

问题 & 答案

What kind of buildings does March build?

March specializes in the ground-up construction of various commercial building types. This includes warehousing, residential apartments, hotels / hospitality, 和更多的. We have been building large-scope developments in all categories for over 30 years. Most projects start at $20 million 和 up. 
看看 我们的投资组合 to see completed project highlights. 访问 我们的博客 to see all projects currently in progress. 

What type of payment contracts does March accept?

Once you’ve chosen us as your GC, it’s time to consider your payment contract. March can offer lump-sum, cost-plus-fee, guaranteed-最大,价格(GMP), GMP with cost-plus-savings—whatever contract serves you best. March is happy to consult 和 建议; we can do whatever makes the most sense for your business. 

W在这里 does March operate?

We have served as a commercial general contractor for real estate development projects throughout New York, 新泽西, 和 the tristate, metropolitan (NYC) area for over 30 years. 来看看! March was listed as one of the best Commercial General Contractors in Paterson, 新泽西. 请看这里 General Contractors Magazine. We were also listed as “Built to Last” by NJBIZ

Does March have a project minimum?

Our project minimum typically starts at $20 million 和 up. March places importance on providing quality service 和 only takes on projects that are substantial 和 within our resources. If your project is significantly below this number, a smaller contractor may be of better assistance.

Become our of our Repeat, Satisfied, Triple-A Clients.

We service everyone from corporations to private investors. T在这里 are many projects to juggle during the real estate development process, in addition to the inevitable challenges 和 unforeseen situations. You can take comfort in our professional organization, meticulous attention to detail, 和 excellent industry relationships. We take nothing for granted, 和 we know our reputation rests on your satisfaction at the end of your commercial construction project.