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Land Development and Construction Site Clearing

Are you thinking about investing in a raw piece of land?

Call March Associates Construction for expert, trustworthy advice.

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We know our reputation rests on your satisfaction. We provide expert construction site development services for complex, commercial real estate development projects—with a personal touch and family values.

Construction Site Development at 300 Lafayette St. Landmark Building in Soho, Manhattan (NYC)


Call March for expert, trustworthy advice on real estate development and construction. We will help evaluate the pros and cons of developing your commercial project—before you commit your capital. This includes doing due diligence on your property considering time, cost, and risk. 

Land Clearing.

March offers complete site development work. We clear and level your land for construction including trees, underground utilities, or unwanted buildings. March provides excavation, grading, and drainage. We take on projects $15-20MM and up. 


After the site has been evaluated, investigated, and excavated, you’re ready to plan your building design and construction. Your site plan will show where the building will be, what exists on the site, access roads, utilities and more. March offers full service design-build and construction management. 


Why Choose March?

March is experienced developing construciton sites in complex environments throughout the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area.

March helps real estate developers and owner’s representatives evaluate their building lots or raw land for the best commercial real estate development uses. We have developed sites in both suburban areas and cities, such as 300 Lafayette St. in Soho, Manhattan. 

While your building site may be perfect for your project in many ways, it may also come with some challenges that need to be overcome before construction. March can help you get the approvals you need from township officials. One of March’s key consulting points is risk management. We can assess your land, determine project feasibility and even help you create a plan to successfully build on difficult or “unbuildable” lots. 

The owner and CEO of March has hands-on involvement in our construction projects. We have over 35 years experience building commercial in the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan area. Our team’s experience is second-to-none. One of March’s core values is prioritizing our client’s success as high as our own. This is one of the reasons for our high retention of clients.

10 Key Reasons to choose March for construction site development and design-build:

What kinds of construction site development services does March provide?

See below for a list of construction site development services March provides. We also provide construction consulting, design-build, pre construction, site development, and other project and construction management related services. See our main services page, here. 

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